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Who we are

About Our Nurcherry

Nurcherry.com is a homegrown online plant delivery service stationed in Guwahati. It sprouted out of the idea and with the vision to make  a greener planet. Surely, it’s a baby step but the future that we have envisioned is to ring in the spring for you and us! And we love to grow for you.
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What We Do ?

Nurcherry, Together We Bloom

Nurcherry, we don’t just focus on the sales of plants and its related products. Our vision is rooted in helping to create a fresher, greener and a healthy planet. The other way around, we grow your heaven on earth with just a click or call away!

A home without its green buddies is yet to find its missing piece. Those bright-colored flowers and green plants don’t just bring in  the happy vibes. They brighten up your mood, bring the spring into your life, and more than that freshens up the air. 

We as a plant parent can feel you and that’s why we thrive to make it easy as pie for you. Life in an urban city like Guwahati can make you feel chaotic and stressful. And that’s where Nurcherry steps to bring the happy curve on your face, delivering at your doorstep.

laksha Deep Adhikari - Founder

The journey begins when we were in our kindergartens, when I worked with my mother in the gardens of our homes, when we collected medicinal plants like “manimuni” in keeping pace with the weather or we prayed the growing plants according to our tradition to make our products bountiful.We sometimes decorated our gardens with areca nuts and betel leaves in order to maintain our livelihood. “Nurcherry” is the self-revelation of these sentiments.

Nurcherry”, the revelation of unity with the exquisiteness of nature. Nature has always been ruling in some corners of our hearts since a very tender age, we feel very much connected to nature and its bounties.

The Nurcherry is a wing of M/S ulog firm that we started officially in 2021. The main office of this organization is situated in Nagaon district’s Batadrawa.

We hope for your cooperation in this endeavor.

Laksha deep adhikari.